nice moto you got on ebay there today, you beat me to it at the last second.


Re: jonvdb!!!

Thank you, that was my plan. I hope to get it rolling. While I was bidding, a guy walked in here and sold me a 1980 Garelli VIP 2 speed!

Re: jonvdb!!!

haha...ill totally take either the garelli or moto off your hands if ya go one too many!

Re: jonvdb!!!

Gonna work with the Moby, Garelli is available. Nice one too!

Re: jonvdb!!!

got a pic?

how much?

Re: jonvdb!!!

Yup, here's the pix. Foot rest is damaged/broke off on right side and doesn't show in picture. Runs excellent! $350


If you don't want it...

I might be interested depending on its location, of course the offer was made to you first, nimbuskid.

More details? Miles? Further work needed?



Re: If you don't want it...

What details? Odometer reads less than 2,000, but I have seen few working speedometers on these Italian bikes. It seems way to nice to have many miles on it. I just put about 20 miles on it tonight. Rides nice. Not as fast as my Pacer, but respectable for a stock Garelli. I did rejet it from a 50 to a 56. Helped some. I'll check the plug next. Very quiet running. Starts easy.


Those details are great, thanks for the information!

I'm looking to make my first moped purchase and have been mainly looking towards puch for thier versatility in parts and performance tuning. Is this a good bike for me?

Re: Thanks

I have no idea if it's a good bike for you. I never had a running Puch, and don't know if I will. Any two-stroke bike can be modified for performance. My Pacer is the most impressive (nearly stock) moped I've ridden. 35mph is about as fast as I want to ride on a moped. Motobecanes appeal to me also, but they are more work to maintain.

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