maybe a derbi

so this derbi i have is a 77 variant sl. It is super clean and everything is pretty nice. it is missing the plastic covers. It has great spark, carb is perfectly fine, everything is great, it just wont run, i took apart the clutch thing and it looks like it needs a new "starter clutch".

just wondering how much i could get for it. Ill try and put a picture up.

Re: maybe a derbi

You should try to fix the starter clutch shoes if that's what's wrong with it. Derbis are the best.

Re: maybe a derbi

derbis variant start clutches are notorious for coming apart and jamming into the clutch drum , the fix isnt too hard, but it does take the skills

another problem they have is the crankseals walking out of the engine, no seals, no start

Re: maybe a derbi

both of those things were totally the problem with the one derbi i owned. Do you know hoe to pull the variator without the tool? Cause i couldn't figure it.

Re: maybe a derbi

ive got the tool

Re: maybe a derbi

i pulled the thing off and got off the starter clutch, crank seals. that has to bve whats wrong/

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