Time to thin the herd

Geoff Hazelton /

1963 Motobecane Mobylette AV79, Blue, 3000ish miles, a ton of NOS

spares including chrome stuff, rubber & w/w Hutchinson tires, strong runner (40+ MPH) rare in this

condition. $900

1962/3/4 Motobecane SP50s (3) One runner (1964), two to make one nice

(62/63) lots of NOS and used spares including NOS tires $2200 for all

three. These are early top tank models. The 62/63 are the "jelly mold" tank models.

Velosolexes from 1948 through 1974, the 1948 is the oldest known in the USA, there are two 45cc (1948 and 1950), Spanish Orbea (rare, one of two known in the USA, strong running pre-clutch version), 2200, 3800 and

4600 models, prices vary $300-$3500. No junk!

Need to make room...

PM for more info and your specific needs. No time wasters, that's what ebay is for...

Re: Time to thin the herd

Do you have any 23" / 19" whitewall tires to sell? I have a 60 Wards Riverside.

Re: Time to thin the herd

Geoff Hazelton /

You may wish to include the word moped or solex in your email header when inquiring... I won't open mail that looks like junk.

Sorry no spare 23" tires, just what goes with the bike.

A more detailed Solex account to give people some idea what's available:

1948 45cc Solex, oldest known runner in the USA. s/n 16845. Needs

handlebar and rims rechromed (if that's your style). Has 1947 type

alloy muffler, script Ducellier headlamp, early "Maxiplume" crankset

w/correct steel Lyotard pedals, Soubitez alloy covered taillamp, one

original Michelin tire, etc, etc. Needs rings, although it does run,

albeit about as fast as a pushbike...

be the first on your block... $3500 OBO

1950 British 45cc Solex, Correct Dunlop seat, Miller head and tail

lamps, original British reg plate, English Michelin tyres, needs

correct handlebar (1010 bars currently fitted) and all cables. Left

hand throttle... quite odd for the USA, don't know how it ended up


$2800 OBO

Spanish Orebea Solex, unknown year (no info available...apparently)

49cc, no clutch. Original Spanish Michelin tyres, Bendix coaster

brake fitted to rear wheel (still retains original caliper brakes)

330 model Cibie headlamp and 3800 type taillamp currently fitted, no

additional holes drilled. Original Rinder taillamp housing included,

however missing original lens. Quite a rare piece, but also missing

chain guard, although the 330 chainguard is suitable, and should be

available from France without too much difficulty.. $1500 firm.

S2200 in pieces, all hardware is NOS, complete rebuilt motor with NOS

internals, NOS silk screened air filter cover, front fender, frame

upright (without serial number) centerstand, front and rear fender

struts, fork, rebuilt rear wheel with NOS rear rim and freewheel,

Nice Original handlebar, NOS white grips, etc, etc. Easy resto

project. Really the amount of NOS parts is incredible, far more

valuable than the listed price. $950.

Various 3800 and 4600 bikes ranging from almost new to well ridden,

all are runners, except for a couple of project bikes. $ POA. (example: cosmetically rough runner $200 to mint livingroom quality $750)

Not really interested in shipping.

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