WTB: Affordable Moped in Good Shape

I am looking to buy my first moped, so I would really like something in good shape that is also relatively affordable (under $500). I would prefer something around Grand Rapids, Michigan, but I would be willing to travel up to 50 miles outside of town to pick something up.

I would appreciate any help I can get!

Re: WTB: Affordable Moped in Good Shape

Did you try you local craigslist? You should be able to find a good puch or tomos for that price, nice reliable first peds.

I know you asked about magnum's - I emailed ya. Magnums sometimes bring the big money, but you might be able to find one for 5-700 in reasonable shape, thats feasable.

Make sure you look around, sit and are comfortable on what your looking at, and have fun.

Re: WTB: Affordable Moped in Good Shape

oops sorry i emaild the other guy, sorry.

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