wtb Moped in Grand Rapids MI

since my other topic was over run by nate is there anyone who is selling a decent moped in good to mint condition within 30 miles of Grand Rapids MI? The classifieds have nothing over here.

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Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

I wouldn't expect him to remain civil and leave this post alone too, Michael.

The key is patience. It took me about 3-4 weeks of constant looking to find mine. Though I have seen a lot of rides in MI on eBay lately. If I see anything of note I'll be sure to send them your way.

- Doppelgamer

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thnx matt. see you online

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Re: wtb Moped in Grand Rapids MI

Hey Mike, I have a really nice 1980 Maxi Sport MKII you might be interested in. It's green, in very nice shape, and it has a lot of goodies:

2-speed engine

5-star mags

Almost mint long seat

Large chrome rear rack

I even have the keys to the fork lock

Everything works, lights, brakes, runs and shifts well, you name it. The tires are pretty worn, but they hold air and aren't rotten. Has the usual nicks and scratches, but the paint is in nice shape overall.

Right now it's bone-stock and still reasonably quick, with an afternoon of tinkering it could probably be even faster. It does need a fuel valve. I'd be willing to throw in a new one with the bike and show you how to put it on, it takes 10 minutes tops.

I'll be in Kalamazoo this Saturday and could bring the bike out there if you buy it. I'd be willing to part with it for $550.

I've attached a pic, let me know if you're interested.


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horrible timing, but i'll e-mail you

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hey...it's not within 30 miles. But detroit craigslist has tons of peds a day, many are deals and many in great condition.

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If Michael doesnt want it, I am very interested

Give it some time

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Michael was frustrated about our pet-troll Nate drowning his other thread with his cries of "DOUCHEBAG LMAO". Mike seems a nice enough kid, did his homework on moped laws, etc. so I figured I would try to lend a hand.

Gabe is selling me a Bianchi this Saturday, so I figured I would put the two in touch in case Gabe had another ride he would be willing to part with. Turns out he does (the Maxi Sport), but this Saturday Mike can't make it to Kzoo. I'll let them make their own bargain, it's out of my hands now. The whole point was to help this kid out and get him a moped and we'll see what comes of it. Maybe nothing, but you never know.

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that puch is definately worth 550, the wheels are worth 150 alone. If you get it and need parts for it, I have a twin.

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Thanks Huffy. Yah, it's a good price. Totally jealous that you got that Sparta by the way, did you get it running?



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Thanx for getting me excited man, i havn't had anything to get excited about in a while. I mean this thing is awsome. If i get to see it i might buy it on the spot. if you have a digital camera i might not have to though. anyway i'll ttyl about it.


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I'm telling you michael, you better jump on this moped quickly or you'll miss out on another one! Gabe the sparta pretty much ran when I got it, just needed a new plug. It runs funky and is very slow, and I think the clutch is shot. The front forks are also very fubar'd, couldnt really notice it in the ebay ad. Its a project, but it is in insanely clean condition, most of the rust came off with spit on my finger, tank is 100% spotless. Well worth 202. I'm not selling this sparta, but am always up for trades.

Re: Give it some time

i know i know

problem is my age makes it hard to just jump on things. unlike you guys who can just get your money youve been saving i need to get my dad to take it out for me. the whole thing of being a minor is annoying

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