1978 puch maxi

Starts easy and idles all day long. I bought it from the orignal owner after it sat for 15+ plus years. Although not pictured I do have both side covers. It only has 950 miles and has a real comfortable long banana seat. I'm asking $450, any questions please just ask. I'd rather sell it here than craigslist or ebay so I hope someone scoops it up.


Re: 1978 puch maxi

I should also say that those pictures were taken without it being cleaned. It will clean up real nice.

Re: 1978 puch maxi

looks good, dont care for the color but still looks good, where are you located?

Re: 1978 puch maxi

I'm in Rhode Island.

Re: 1978 puch maxi

would you be willing to travel a wee? i live in vermont but would be willing to drive most of the way


Re: 1978 puch maxi

If you drive most of the way I am willing to meet somewhere. Email me and we can discuss details.

Re: 1978 puch maxi

Damnit! I actually like the color a lot and would be totally interested except...... MN is about 7562^3 miles away.

Re: 1978 puch maxi

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /


Re: 1978 puch maxi

wow man sweet bike for that price! I love that seat.

I have that same bike, same za50, same color.

No cool banana seat.

Where do I get one of those seats?


Re: 1978 puch maxi

Ill sell the seat for 450, but it also comes with a great moped!

I dont know where to get one thats how i bought it.

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