Ottawa, ON - x2 Honda PC50s for Sale

NEAR MINT HONDA PC50 MOPED (49cc) FOR SALE (and one PC50 refurb also for sale)

Very rare vintage near mint Honda PC50 moped from 1968-1969 is available for sale (open to offers!). The bike is in very good running condition with low mileage! The body is in near mint condition with virtually no rust. This four-stroke, air-cooled bike is a reliable little ride with a top speed of 35 mph (56kmh).

Honda PC50 Moped

Single cylinder four-stroke engine

3 liter fuel tank located under the seat

Internal expansion brakes (front and rear)

High and low beam headlights

Fully operational front and rear lights

Separate oil chamber (does not require fuel to be mixed with oil)

Engine displacement of 49cc

Dry weight is 50kg/110 lbs

Deep blue frame with ivory/white fairings

Metal rims, pipe, handlebars etc are virtually immaculate

Mileage is only 3052 miles/4911 km!

Only imported to Canada between 1968-1969 (ownership states it is a 1975-76)

Ownership and original owner’s manual come with the sale of this moped.


Re: Ottawa, ON - x2 Honda PC50s for Sale

Fifty2One /


Is it currently plated in Ontario?

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