Indian For Sale

Hi everybody! I'm selling my 1980 Indian that is a wonderful shade of smoggy rainbow/'80s sunset. The Indian needs a lot of work including a motor. So if you love getting your elbows greasy, and then you may find an interest in this old gal. At this point I guess this is more of a parts bike than anything.

Things that this moped could use:

- a new motor

- lights

- carb rebuild

- seat rebuild

- a dash of love

- teaspoon of hope

You can check out photos of the forlorn creature here .

I am in the market for a running moped, so if you're in/around the LA area and are looking to part with a member of your herd please let me know!

Re: Indian For Sale

To bad you're all the way across the country. I'd love to have it. Would you ship it? Take it apart and toss it in a box. I don't care. I'll pay. :D

Re: Indian For Sale

will you part out. I'll take the carb and manifold.

Re: Indian For Sale

hey, sorry it took me so long to respond. i guess i'd ship it, but i've never shipped anything this big before so i'd need to figure how to go about something like that.

Re: Indian For Sale

Hehe, I'm broke now. I don't think I could even afford the shipping. :(

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