Need a Moped <$500 Kalamazoo/NorthCali

Nicolas Yarosz /

I saw many of you swarming at the begining of this month and want a moped that's fun reliable and great on mileage. I've scoured eBay and have found but thought perhaps I'd find something here if not help for further resources. Any tips as to what to ask when purchasing or what to look for would be great! Or just flat out sell me somethin'

new to the scene and sincerely,


Re: Need a Moped <$500 Kalamazoo/NorthCali

Matt Scout The Scouting Dcon /

Look around in Buy/Sell, things have been picking up recently. Also eBay, if you don't mind traveling around a bit to go get it. Just type in "moped" then narrow the search to 100-150 miles. Haven't seen many peds on Craigslist, they usually go fast.

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