Maybe this should be cross-posted in BUY/SELL, but I think it might be interesting (and useful) to try and create a moped transportation "hub" for buyers and sellers. What do you think?

Would you be willing to be part of it? This would help buyers and sellers overcome the distance problem(s) when buying and selling.

I am semi-retired, and could travel a couple hundred miles around Michigan. Participants should be able to pickup a small fee from buyers and sellers.

Let’s hear some feedback on this???

There, now I cross-posted it...


I think thats a damn fine idea, and I would be buying way more mopeds if this happened! especially 2 garellis from georgia lol


Very good Idea John,I talked to ya on the phone .

I just sold a puch magnum 2.

You could rent a large van and just charge the the van rental and food. Most are unlimited mileage.


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