WTB : Magnum parts (list in post)

I am looking to buy the following magnum parts

1) Petcock

2) Fuel Tank

3) Fill screw for transmission fluid

4) 15mm Bing carb

5) High flow air filter

6) Tail light, or lens for tail light

7) two rear shocks

if anyone has any of these parts, please email me jpyrek@hotmail.com


Re: WTB : Magnum parts (list in post)

the Fill screw for the transmision fluid is which one,the one or two speed engine. on the two speed engine there is two, the plastic OIL FILLER PLUG on top of the engine and the metal CHEESE HEAD SCREW on the side of the engine.the Attachment shows the plastic OIL FILLER PLUG.i have the plastic OIL FILLER PLUG for sale ,your choice of new old stock or used.the Attachment is for reference and not the actual part for sale.


Re: WTB : Magnum parts (list in post)

mine is a two speed, and I am missing the screw on top, the fill screw...the one you pictured I think. I have a copy of the manual, but the picture in the manual isn't too good, but it looks like what you have.

what do you want for it?

thanks a lot

Re: WTB : Magnum parts (list in post)

bumpity bump bump...got a gas tank on the way...so, ....awesome.

anyone else got anything?

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