WTB: Trac (daelim) piston rings

Simply put, I need some rings for a Daelim engine on an '87 Trac Olympic. She runs amazingly... when she's got compression. Love this bike. If only I could keep some rings on it, dang it.

Re: WTB: Trac (daelim) piston rings

Prancer did we try this before?? I got a set I'm about to grind up and make it fit a Puch . Do you have the 40mm piston ??? $18 shipped and they're yours . I have a complete engine too . M56,

Re: WTB: Trac (daelim) piston rings

I don't need any M56 parts. I believe the Daelim piston is 40mm, yes. I'll take 'em. Lemme just find some cash now.

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