FS 1977 Batavus VA

I've got a Batavus VA in good shape that runs great for $250. All in all it is just that - a nice bike worth $250. Bike is in Portsmouth, NH. E-mail (stevepamboukes@yahoo.com) me or reply for more details/pics, list of goods and bads.


Re: FS 1977 Batavus VA

artistmaverick@yahoo.com /

can you give me the pros and cons and some pics?

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The bike is in good condition. Its the 20mph model, and gets every bit of power it can out of its stock parts. Speed can be improved with aftermarket parts. Got it off a friend who thought it was hopeless because of some work that had to be done to it (basically just ordering some new parts) and now is as good as new.


-Clean tank (minimal amounts of rust)

-Very clean carb

-Runs strong, like new

-Starts easy

-Body in excellent condition... few dents and very little rust... chrome fenders and muffler also in very good, clean shape.

-Great on hills


-Dry rotted tires

-No cover "decking" for pulley

-Cracked but functional clutch plate

-Not original paint job

It'd be a good cheap bike for your first moped. In its present state it's ready to rock, and you could make it really nice with less than $75.


Re: FS 1977 Batavus VA

sorry, forgot... I can send some pics tommorow.


Re: FS 1977 Batavus VA

i sent u an email and i was wondering how long it took you to fix up and the bike the picture on your page was pretty then

Re: FS 1977 Batavus VA

doesnt sound too bad at all. I was looking for one with more speed but I know I sould increase it. I would love to see the pictures and I'll give my friend a call who is helping me search for my first one and have her take a look at it. (she knows more about mopeds than I do so she's helping me pick out one.) But this one does sound promising to me.

I can't wait to see the pics!


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