Purchasing New 2007 Tomos Mopeds

I have a few quick questions regarding my desire to purchase one of a new 2007 model Tomos mopeds:

1.) Are there any good sources to purchase Tomos mopeds "on-line."

2.) What are the best sources for purchasing Tomos mopeds-- "on-line," or traditional moped stores that would ship to the Midwest . . . I live in Missouri.

3.) What are the normal taxes & delivery charges (if applicable) on the purchase on a new moped?

4.) What sources already have the 2007 model Tomos mopeds in stock-- it appears that not all stores have the 2007 models in stock yet.

5.) What is the top speed of the stock 2007 Tomos Sprint, and what kind of gas mileage should a person expect to get with one?

6.) I am 6' 3'' tall, and weigh 235+/- pounds. I'm curious if the Tomos moped could handle my height / weight, and if so, what the performance would be like.

Thanks for your help!


Re: Purchasing New 2007 Tomos Mopeds

the stock tomos sprint goes approx 28mph, howerver it is hugely undergeared, you can change the rear sprocket from a 28 to a 22 and it should go about 34-36 depending on conditions, with a derestricting of the airbox and an upjet its can obtain 38mph without any real modifications

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