Parting Out PA50 II

I am parting out a PA50 II (1978). It was found outside with some other trash dumped on a river bank. As you might expect, it is beyond restoration, but there are quite a few good parts left. The front and rear forks are OK, as well as the mirrors, tail light, some of the alternator parts (mostly these seem to be in good shape, but I have no ), and probably lots of other stuff, such as fenders, wheels, brake assemblies, etc. The fuel tank seems to be in good shape, though there's a little rust on it, it doesn't seem to be leaky. It will probably need a new cap, though.

The transmission is missing (except the rear pulley), as are the pedals (evidently removed by a lazy person who welded pegs in their place). The seat is in bad shape. The handlebars are slightly bent, but could easily be bent back into shape. The frame has a 2" long crack in it, but could be welded pretty easily. The original paint is mostly there--someone painted over it with some black paint, but that is peeling off now, revealing the original paint, which is in surprisingly good shape. Tires are shot. Wheels are a little rusty, but look straight. The brakes look OK, but are locked--probably because of dirt and crud in them. I plan on disassembling and cleaning up parts so I can see what's what. I haven't had time to look at it much yet.

Let me know if you are interested in getting parts. I will get a picture of the part you're looking for and you can decide if you're interested. Then we can go from there.



Re: Parting Out PA50 II


I am looking for some parts. Throttle cable, carb,taillight assembly.fenders,foot guards.Let me know.


Re: Parting Out PA50 II

I sent you an email. All of the parts you mention except for the front fender and the foot guards are available.

Re: Parting Out PA50 II

fuel petcock and headlight/speedo housing with mounting bolts


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