ZA50's for trade

I have a bunch of za50's, in various states of condition, and would like to trade them straight across for similar condition e50's

i have one, that just came off a bike and is a solid runner, except it needs an electrical system and a top end

i have some that are siezed and are only good for clutch and bottom end parts

i probably have about 6 or 7 za50's, show me what you have,

Re: ZA50's for trade

ive probly got what you need, let me know

Re: ZA50's for trade

this latebird has two rather put together e50's heads cranks all in tact.

what you want to do?

Re: ZA50's for trade

I have a great running e50, but will only trade it for a great running za50. How is one of yours a "solid runner" but it needs a topend and electrical system?

Re: ZA50's for trade

the solid runner came off a running bike, it just had custom electronics and a top end that i wanted to keep, put those parts back on and it should go

i am thinking straight across trades, i ll pay shipping on my end, and you on yours,

none of my engines have top ends, or electrics, so, if need be, i can pay some cash for the difference or whatever

these engines, are pretty much bottom ends, two had top ends, but i am saving that stuff, i had amassed a small collection of these, for spare parts and other tuning needs, but i am pretty much done with the za50, and want to focus on the e50 now

I'll send out an e mail to you southern cali people

Re: ZA50's for trade

I have a split e50 engine, and I'm fixing it and putting it back together soon. I will test it to see if it runs before we trade.

Re: ZA50's for trade

Mike were you the "mopedbuilder " ? or "Batman" ? or something like that ?? Pretty famous from what I hear.

Re: ZA50's for trade

See Ya Moped Army /

That's him. He couldn't even get his own Puch to idle, and I definitely wouldn't trust him rebuilding a motor.

Re: ZA50's for trade

if you have a solid bottom end i'll buy it off you

Re: ZA50's for trade

Hmm.... kinda thought so .

Re: ZA50's for trade

Cleats Onionpockets /

Email sent, I'm in need of a solid bottom end, no top end needed. I have a couple e50's that I could part with, one is just the bottom end, the other two are complete (in fact one of them is in use right now on my daily driver) I need a ZA50 bottom end that is solid and un-messed with, because the last one i tried to fix myself ended up with the wrong shims, which made the tranny chew itself apart when I introduced a 70cc kit.

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