FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

2002 Velosolex 3800. Bought it last year and hardly used it since I have a Stella. I have the org. sales brochure along with owners manual (copy). I took the headlight out 'cause it was popping off, but Its in the garage somewhere.


More Detailed pics:






Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

Nice Solex...I love the custom lift-out lever!

Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400


Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

This is located in McHenry, IL which is 1 hour from Chicago. I Just don't use this like I thought I would. I'm open to offers!

Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

What is the transportation cost to Vancouver Canada?

Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

I have a original 3800 in michigan for $250 see my previous post for pics, call 616-363-3151

Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

I have no clue what it would cost to ship this. I was hoping for a local sale. Sorry :( If it doesn't sell locally, I'll use it as my daily driver to work. Thanks for asking abou it.

Re: FS: 2002 Solex (VeloSolex) $400

Nicolas Yarosz /

email sent : )

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