Free Parts Bike, Minneapolis

kim jensen /

The guys out in AZ are looking at $1200.00 bikes, Chris out east can't seem to give one away! Well here's one I had to pull out of a buildings I work at dumpster!

It's a 78 Honda PA50II in pieces. Yellow if that matters.

Handle bar, fork, both rims, seat are excellent!

Motor turns, but no head. No gas tank.

I do not think it's worth restoring as you could drive out and back and pick up Chris's for less than it would take to fix this.

If one or two local folks want any or all of it, please e-mail me to make araingements. I AM NOT going to part it out to 15 people. I would sell it on e-bay if that's what I had time for. Winner must take all of it!


Re: Free Parts Bike, Minneapolis

Timmy Southpark /

You seem like a good guy KBJ, hope someone uses the bike well.

Re: Free Parts Bike, Minneapolis

I'm interested and from Minneapolis..

Re: Free Parts Bike, Minneapolis

NailheadRocketman /

Dude, there is a 50 dollar PA50 on Craigslist. you could keep the parts bike and meld it into the other bike and throw away the frame since its not a Puch.


Re: Free Parts Bike, Minneapolis

Damn, a titled moped just needing minor repairs.With manuals, for $50. Damn if I were closer.


Re: Free Parts Bike, Minneapolis

Man that thing has all the body parts I want.That sucks.


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