Trade: 2 for 1

I have 2 bikes that i am willing to trade. I would like to trade for a strong running moped. im not looking to sell, just trade.

First is a 1977 Puch Maxi Sport 2hp 2 speed, its missing its headlight, kickstand, side covers. It should start up with a cleaning and general tune up.

Second is a 1979 Honda express 2. It does run. technically its a noped. It looks rough, it needs an air box cover, ignition, maybe a new seat. Gas tank has rust and is missing the caps. I have an exhaust coming in the mail. the front light is really broken and was heald together by tape I also got 2 new tires and an intertube for it. As well as a new battery.

I live in the southbay area. Any questions or better pictures email me at


the other ped


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