Anyone selling in Pittsburgh?????

I'm looking for any type of moped in good condition under $1000. I live in Pittsburgh and I'm willing to travel, but not more than an hour or two. I need it in about 2 weeks preferably, but I can wait a little longer.

Re: Anyone selling in Pittsburgh?????

i got a 1982 honda express

Re: Anyone selling in Pittsburgh?????

Um, not sure if i am responding to Liz or Phil,

but, if you are not interested in the express Liz, and still have it Phil, I would be down to come take a look and ride.

In Pittsburgh as well.




Re: Anyone selling in Pittsburgh?????

i dont really want to sell this one but it the price was right i might entertain the thought.

come take it for a ride if ya has a PA title. original manual and cataloge. starts fist kick. it is very quiet ,the motor just purrrrs. its a 1976 puch maxi 1300 miles .everything works. i have the side covers and original tool kit. tires are new.


Re: Anyone selling in Pittsburgh?????

Pardon me, I dont mean to interject on someone elses possible buy but I am interested in this ped myself. How much are you looking for it?

Re: Anyone selling in Pittsburgh?????

Is this Puch still up for sale?? Let me know what you'd want for it, I'm very serious.

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