Huge Minarelli Parts Lot MAINE

Here we go again.

$100 takes all

Pretty much complete Fantic pepi W/ Good Spark and Compression. Still needs some work, and is ugly

Motron Frame.

Box of most parts needed to complete a second bike

Many body parts from an AMF roadmaster (minarelli version)

3 complete bottom ends, a few cylinders pistons etc.

Located in Portland Maine. Pickup only

I have no time to part these out, and or ship pieces right now.


Re: Huge Minarelli Parts Lot MAINE

Timmy Southpark /

darn, i need that morton frame. Perhaps if it doesnt sell let me know what you want for it. thanks! -jimmy

Re: Huge Minarelli Parts Lot MAINE

hhmmm sounds like a good deal

how are the bottom ends????

Still available

I hate to beat a dead horse

But I love to say "I hate to beat a dead horse"

anyhow I can't deal with shipping these right now.

my life is insane, and shipping engines always gets complicated and expensive.

Re: Still available

are you coming to kalamazoo?

Re: Still available

Timmy Southpark /

Hey dan,

Dont mean 2 be a pain but i'm looking for a V1 frame/tank/ swing arm/ and front end. Could i convince u 2 ship? I'd take the parts AMF or Motron whichever, thanks

Re: Huge Minarelli Parts Lot MAINE

dan rosenson /


What's missing from the pepi; or why is it not running?

Huge Minarelli Parts Lot MAINE

how much for the plastic cover on behind the seat of the motron?

Re: Huge Minarelli Parts Lot MAINE

It had spark and compression and probably would run.

it is deep in a basement so I have never tried to run it.

The lights were not working, and I have monkeyed with the lights to try to get them working to no avail, allthough I have not triend very hard


these bikes are still in basement of the place I lived in 6 months ago.


frick from m23 is looking for a v1 frame. he'd probably love that motron. I'll pass this along, maybe he'll make the drive.


I'd like to come by and take a look...I live right in the west end. Give me a call; 603.817.ONE FIVE THREE EIGHT. I'll be around all day tommorrow. Thanks!



If these are still around, id be interested in picking the motors up and the box o parts, you can hum the frames and stuff.

Im kinda local, in mass.

email me

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