WTB:Sachs 70or80cc Bore Kit

Mopedshop is sold out of the Athena borekits and the 80cc one is rediculously priced. Does anyone have one they could sell? the complete kit?

i need it pretty bad my piston only has one ring on it right now and i figure if i'm gonna buy a new piston w/ rings might as well make it a bore kit too.

Re: WTB:Sachs 70or80cc Bore Kit


They have 2 50cc Athena kits, 2 70cc Athena kits & the 80cc Reed-valve kit

It's under the Hercules M models... The cheapest is 118 euro's for a 70cc.

They ship worldwide

Re: WTB:Sachs 70or80cc Bore Kit

Thanks i'll check it out,

anyone else know of any other websites, or better yet does anyone have anything?

Re: WTB:Sachs 70or80cc Bore Kit

... i cant read german, and google translator doesnt work :/

Re: WTB:Sachs 70or80cc Bore Kit

bump. still need a kit..

-mopedshop.com still sold out..

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