Lots of Sachs parts

I'm parting out a Sachs Westlake, with appoximately 2,000 miles on it. Here's what I have.


Rear/Front fenders


Rear/Front Wheels/Rims

Right Side Cover

Seat w/ no rips

504/B engine needs woodruff replaced


Piston w/ small chip in the skirt


Crank Arms



Rear Shocks

Tomos/Puch/Sachs Flywheel puller

Front brake cable

Center Stand

Both Chains

Bing Carb w/ choke system

Pedal Shaft

Most of the parts a pretty dirty now, if you want one I'll go ahead and clean them up for you.

Get them now before they go in eBay.


Re: Lots of Sachs parts

how are the forks?


how much for the bottom end shipped to 97211?

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

how is the compression between the piston and cylinder? I would like those if it is good.

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

It's not listed but checking anyways:

Do you have the stator and magneto?

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

I need the stator plate if the guy above backs out. paypal ready!

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

I'm assuming the forks are good, the chrome is good and the paint has several minor rust spots. I have no idea how much it would be to ship the motor, but I let it go for 40 shipped. I should be getting a woodruff key that fits from mopedjunkyard on Thursday and I'll let you know. I also have new points for it as well.

I'm not sure what the compression was before I took it apart. The cylinder walls don't have any grooves or scarring so I would assume it to be in good condition. Like I said, the piston has a small chip, about the size of your pinky nail, that is off the top skirt.

The stator and magneto will go with the engine if it is sold, if it isn't, I'll take it off for you.


Re: Lots of Sachs parts

Sorry, the above was supposed to say 40+ shipping for the bottom end.

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

How much you want for the speedo and right sidecover?

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

Airbox, carb, and cylinder are sold!

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

Is 20 plus shipping alright?

Re: Lots of Sachs parts

I'll email you.

Re: Lots of Sachs parts


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