WTB moped in MO

Hi, I am new to the site and mopeds in general. I have a '79 QT50 I am working on but probably selling for parts soon. I need something that runs in the meantime for the summer. I have 3 criteria:

1. Running

2. Cheap <$300

3. I am in central Missouri and would prefer not to travel much farther than KC or STL to pickup.

If anyone has anything close to this it would be fantastic. Anybody?

Re: WTB moped in MO

i have a yamaha towney i'm going to fix up soon.

the main thing i gotta do is fix the body and reinforce it.

all it needs that i don't have is the carb,,same one as your qt50,,, and coil,,,which i'm pretty sure i have arround here in my parts pile,,,,and the exhaust which i was going to build.

this little bike has the same engine as the qt 50.

what's wrong with the qt50 you've got????? maybe i can just fix it for you. they are usually pretty reliable. and i won't charge that much for the repair job either. if you are interested in the yamaha i described above then let me know. i can sell it to you for 100 plus your old qt50.

btw,,,i live in springfield mo.


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