FS: 2005 Tomos Streetmate

I have a 2005 Tomos Streetmate that i POSSIBLY will be selling very shortly. Im putting it up here to get some feedback on how much i can possibly get for this thing, which will determin if i sell it or not. It has just under 3,000 miles(2,9xx), a35 Airsal kit with under 1,000 miles on it, Techno exhaust, and everything works on it. The only thing wrong with this is that the plastic side covers for the engine are missing, and the tailight was cracked and glued back together. Other wise this moped is perfectly fine, and it rides really good. My buddy also has a streetmate, and when we ride together mine really kills him. So make me an offer, ill have pics up soon.

Re: FS: 2005 Tomos Streetmate

Also, it has an after market battery that has yet to loose its charge, with an adapter that lets you plug your battery up when you get home so that your battery stays charged. The electric start works everytime on this thing.

Re: FS: 2005 Tomos Streetmate


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