Honda Express NC 50 parts

I have a orange express I'm fixing up, got it running, but I need some more parts.

Rear fender.

Tail light, complete with license plate bracket.

Air cleaner assembly.

Headlight bucket.

Drivers side peg rubber or the whole thing.

Thanks, Deron.

Re: Honda Express NC 50 parts

i have the peg,,,,,but i think that's it

Re: Honda Express NC 50 parts

I want to see if I can get them all in one place, would make it alot better for the seller and me.


Re: Honda Express NC 50 parts

If this is just to get it running and not a full restore I think I might be able to help you out, I'll have to check when I get home. The only thing I'm not sure on it the air filter assembly, I can't remember if I have a full set on non-gas-rotted parts. The license plate holder was slightly tore at a corner but has been epoxied, I think the headlight bucket is yellow, and I don't think I have the chrome support for the rear fender.

Let me know if you want to dig them out and verify.


Re: Honda Express NC 50 parts

My rear fender is busted off so I looking for a good orange one do need the bracket, my air cleaner is missing so I want one a orange one of those, my head light is there, just showing it's age so I'm looking for one that is in real good shape, the tail light is missing.

If I could get all or most of the stuff from one person that would be ideal, less shipping hassel and cost.

Thanks, Deron.

Re: Honda Express NC 50 parts

I have an orange rear fender, orange headlight bucket, and the pegs. Let me know if interested, I can get you pictures..

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