WTB: Sachs clutch/decomp cable

nothing like kitting your bike

getting ready to head out to the local wednesday night meet/ride/debauchery

topping off the tank

then SNAP!

bust your clutch cable


other than MopedJunkyard

who's got one???

Re: WTB: Sachs clutch/decomp cable

You can make your own. Take your old one and drill a hold in the end piece that goes in the arm on your clutch. Then you can buy bike de-railer, or brake cables from like Walmart or any bike shop. Just thread the new cable through hole and use the original end piece to hook into the arm on your clutch.

Re: WTB: Sachs clutch/decomp cable

in my sleep i thought i might be able to do something very similar to that...

this will be the first time i've pulled the clutch cover plate off... so i cannot visualize what you're saying yet



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