za50 bottom end for trade,,2 speed puch

ok guys here is the deal,,,i'm fedm up with the tranny on my puch 2 speed. so what i want to do is trade with someone for a 1 speed bottom end. is there one that has a manual clutch???? here is the deal with my bottom end,, it shifts,,,just lags between gears. and it is making a wierd sound coming from the tranny. no rust, good bearings, case in great shape, good crank seals. as this thing is if someone wanted to repair the tranny it will run just fine.

i just want to get this thing running and am tired of messing arround with the tranny. what i'm looking for is a 1 speed bottom end that i can just mount my top end on and run. i know lots of you guys have these as they are more abundant than the model i currently have and everybody wants them. the engine i need will have to be complete, stator, flywheel, covers, etc.

thanks for your time guys.


Re: za50 bottom end for trade,,2 speed puch


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