Magnum for sale

I just picked this up and I realized I dont have the time or money for this but I think it would be really good for someone with the resources, and they could have a nice bike with a little time. The bike was stored in a horse barn so it is filthy. The cover for the magneeto is missing and the chain covers are missing also the brake levers are broken, functional but just shorter, and there is a small dent in the side of the gas tank.

email me with your offers.


Re: Magnum for sale

By the way I life in Ames Iowa

Re: Magnum for sale

first one hundred takes it, if I cant get that for I'll just keep it.

Re: Magnum for sale

email sent.

Re: Magnum for sale

Will you slap that sucker in a bicycle box? The Creatures of The Loin crave magnums.


"This is Ames, Mister"

Re: Magnum for sale

If i wasn't in ohio i would have been all over that deal.

Re: Magnum for sale

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

It's too bad you didn't respond to my email, I would have sent you money right away. You could have had more than $100 for it, easy.

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