1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

I have returned for the last time as I am selling my very last moped off..

Used to be real big into em and now i am into motorcycles..and thus moving to motorcycles requires more $$..

The moped is a 1965 raleigh super 50. Just like an older motobecane but alot cooler..

DO not let the year fool you this bike EATS Puchs and POS tomos mopeds for breakfast, lunch and dinner!!!

This bike was manufactured before there were restrictions on how fast a moped can go..The ports and intake are huge!

Has some small areas of rust and needs the gastank finnished, Engine ran GREAT last year..

I want 500 bucks for it...yeah, its a bit much but beaing able to have a 50MPH Stock moped is just bitchin..And this thing is a Sleeper, not to mention it just looks sweet..

Now for trades...I Know most of you guys are into computers so yall might beable to help me out here...I need a Newer laptop computer with NO programs on it..Clean slate..Needs to have XP...and be in awsome shape.. have a DVD/CDR drive, Maby Wifi...also be a quality computer...

Also a Nice Digital camera would be sweet... Some Offroad tires + rims for a 98 Jeep cherokee...


Reply to my EMAIL!! As i donot go on these fourms very much if at all anymore...

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

Drop it off & I have $500 cash for you. :o)

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

NailheadRocketman /

Post some pics please. I dont know about going 50 though, from the pics Ive seen, it appears that these bikes have a Moby/Flandria style drivetrain that should only be good enough for 30 mph.


Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

WHy is this thing so fast? My RM5 Supermatic only does 30.

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

John Joedicke /

Maybe he means 50 kms = 30mph

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

could you make a video of it doing 50 ish? Id really like to see this. I dont really believe it.

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

ive got tires,not worth 500 though

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

Your moped eats pieces of shit for breakfast?

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

i was wondering when the sandlot quote would come up.....and i am wondering how it gets 50 mph

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

can you get me a pick? brdwy420@aim.com or use aim to contact me, brdwy420

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!

Porting grasshopper, porting....

Its probably closer to 45mph.

Its defintately the fastest moped i ever ridden...

No pics because of a computer crash that killed all my pics, AND i dont have the program for my digital camera anymore..

I can snap a pic with my cellphone but its gonna be shitty..And one of my tics in life is having good pics...I Cant stand it when people send ya pics and its like your drunk or lookin through a fishtank...

If your close your more than welcome to come and look at it...

Re: 1965 Raleigh Super 50 FAST!!!


Picture it with a black seat and taller handlebars...

Not the sexyest bike but shure damm fast...

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