1979 Motobecane for sale in Hollywood!


I am having to end my love affair with my blue French-ie. I am moving away and don't have any room for him in my life. He's been good to me but now he pedals like a bike. Thats the only problem with him, and I am sure he's easy to fix I just don't have the time in my life right now or the experience to work on him.He just needs some love. I bought him new tires, got him a tune up and another mirror not that long ago. I am really quite naive about French-ie's , I just rode him you know. I got on one day and went to pedal and something snapped! This is a fun French-ie and will bring you lot's of joy if you know how to take care of him! I need to rid myself of him before the 1st. $600 OMBO -Amelie

Re: 1979 Motobecane for sale in Hollywood!

And since I know not having a picture up annoys moped army I will have one up either tonight or tomorrow. :) Just getting the ball rolling! This bike is in great condition, original everything!

Re: 1979 Motobecane for sale in Hollywood!

600 for a nonrunner?

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