WTB: puch long seat

Uh yeah, does anyone have one laying around?

Re: WTB: puch long seat

I hear these are really rare. But damn, I would like one too... I will probably just fab one up myself though, and I don't want to pay too much for a seat.

Re: WTB: puch long seat

1977 and mopedwarehouse both have seats in their online catalogues, but both say that they're either sold out or out of stock. It might be worth giving them a call.

Re: WTB: puch long seat

I have a half seat

Re: WTB: puch long seat

Why the long seat? Ya look like ya got a little butt.

Re: WTB: puch long seat

1. its a comfort issue, not an issue of ass size.

2. I checked 1977, they never have anything I want.

3. these replies are no help.

Re: WTB: puch long seat

I'm sorry. I meant no harm. It was just a stupid joke. I like sitting farther back as well. I have no long seats, but I bundle up a blanket and bungee it to the back rack. You can haul lots of stuff in it, or when it's empty, it makes a comfy rear seat. I know, this isn't hepling your hunt out.


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