FS:79 Tomos A3 Bullet (and Honda)

I am selling my Tomos A3. It's a 79, green, and runs very well. It has a biTurbo on it that was there when I bought it, and is still in good condition. The wiring has been changed many times, however I rewired it so the lights work and the kill switch works. The speedo may be broke, I am unsure, I know the speedo cable is trash though. I have the side panels for it, one original green, and one black. I have the title for it if your state needs that.

Thought I'd give you guys a chance at it before the hoards of ebay do.

Also, I may sell my 78 Honda PA50II. It is stock, and ran yesterday. However will need some work. most parts on it are primo, especially the engine, crankcase looks brand new. surprising for a farm field salvage. No title on this one, but can tell you the address of the curb I pulled it off if you want to ask them...

located in Neenah, WI

Tomos - want 300 but probably won't get it.

Honda - Make me an offer.

Pojodojo "at" gmail "dot" com

If interested I also have a new Dellorto 15/15 cable choke model for sale, with throttle cable, and a new cylinder and piston for an A3.

Re: FS:79 Tomos A3 Bullet (and Honda)

Hey there!!

I'll take the green one off your hands. E-mail me back a phone # if you would, and we'll work out the details!! If you want to call me, my number is 850-258-9501. e-mail is dsherrill@knology.net

Thanks very much.....David

Re: FS:79 Tomos A3 Bullet (and Honda)

replied to email.


moped has been sold.

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