I need a motor

I'm In Need Of A New (running Used) Engine For My 1978 JC Penny

Pinto (Puch Maxi) It Has A 49cc 1.5HP 1 Cylinder 2 Stroke Thats Locked Up/Torn Up.

Re: I need a motor

Hey I'm in Texas too - You have Austin Mopeds down where you're at . They just had a Ride . Geez if you want to sell your motor guts I'd buy it off ya . I need an engine for another custom I'm working on . Gotta be a moped so I can license it . Gawd those chinese 50-125 engines are enticing .

Re: I need a motor

The Motor I Have, Has A Scared Piston, (New Rings) The Nut That

Retains The Clutch To The Crank Is Stripped, and Won't Come Off. The Round Thing That Spins On The Left Side, That I Think Generates Electricity Has Had 1 Of It's Internal Metal Plates Come Off... I Still Have The Plate That Fell Off, But It Fell Off None The Less. If Your Still Interested, I'll Sell It For Very Little More Than Shipping.

Re: I need a motor

Cool , give me a price to 75068

Re: I need a motor

your engine isn't ruined don't sell it. just buy the stuff you need for it, parts are everywhere. the engine how it sits is worth $50+. The e50's are so easy to rebuild. Just learn how. When you buy another used engine most likely it's going to have problems anyway.

Re: I need a motor

I Think I found A Guy That Wants To Trade Mine For A Working One, For A Small Price + SH From http://www.mopedrecyclers.com/

But If That Doesn't Work Out I Will Be Sure You're The First To Know

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