WTB Moped Cross-country worthy

I'm looking to take a moped (hopefully two) cross country.

I want time to learn to take it apart, put it back together again, or fix anything on it I need to myself.

I have a 1980 jawa 210 but I have a feeling that this might not be the best thing to take cross country.

Anyway, I'm preferably looking for something in new england.

Let me know.

thank you.


Re: WTB Moped Cross-country worthy

Timmy Southpark /

Get a puch one speed (E50) or something with a V1. I'd suggest an E50 with a roller crank if you can find one, probally make for a smoother ride.

I'd give you mass props if you drove that Jawa 210 cross country, talk about chancy. Jawa's were known 2 have electirical failures. Shame 2, cause i owned an 85' 210 sport top tank once and it rode real good, climbed hills nice and did a solid 30mph.

Re: WTB Moped Cross-country worthy

I have a 1987 motomarina sebring with the v1 and a puch maxi sport mkii with some performance do-dads. interested?

Re: WTB Moped Cross-country worthy

Timmy Southpark /

i love sebrings... move closer

Re: WTB Moped Cross-country worthy

You're starting a little late in the season for this summer, if you have to still learn alot about it. You may want to get one, and ride around/work on it, etc for this summer around your town. I want a helicopter but I've never been in one. I don't care for okra a whole lot, but I'd eat it if I were hungry. Brown is one of my least favorite colors. I like Hershey's chocolate like a desperate deed. I've lost more than one key in my life. Angela Lansbury was never a hero of mine. Oatmeal isn't an everyday meal for me anymore. Infact I rarely eat the stuff anymore. I don't like birds much, and if they're near me I get a bit nervous if not out and out afraid. I never had the measles. Bigfoot used scare me, and still is capable of it, that hairy guy! I wear 8 1/2 size of bowling shoe. Elbows are similar to knees. Toes aren't like short fingers, it's the other way around. A vest has short sleeves.

I hope this might help ya out a little.


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