Motobecane parts?

Hey guys,

I have an old cady that I want to fix up;

Here are the parts that I need:

-Piston, rings, and the bearing that goes on the connecting rod under the piston




-spark plug

and a few other things.

A whole engine would be much appreciated.



Motobecane parts?

What's this? the grocery list. Just kidding tim

There are a few good sources for Motobecane parts in the WIKI.look for them. And of course ebay is a great source for parts.

1977mopeds store ,mopedjunkyard etc

Good searching

Re: Motobecane parts?

Thanks, Mabecane!

I was kind of hoping for something from someone fairly local, because shipping would kill me if I were to get all that stuff from away down south.

Re: Motobecane parts?

would a 50v motor fit it?

Re: Motobecane parts?

Fifty2One /

check around the old bike shops and such. canadian tire used to sell the cadys so there should be lots around to cull parts from!

Re: Motobecane parts?


No, a 50v would not fit it, unfortunately. However, the piston and rings are probably the same size.

Fifty2one, I don't quite get what you're saying. You think that can tire might still have some parts!?

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