canoe and outboard motor trade

I would also trade my 15ft canoe and 3hp gas outboard for a running ped.

Re: canoe and outboard motor trade

I got a garrelli Vip 2 speed with new clutch rubbers Needs a new lighting coil other wise runs pretty good I think it needs new points.

Re: canoe and outboard motor trade

So it already has the new clutch rubbers? Are they really new or just cleaned up? I did'nt think new ones were available. You coming to the ralley? And if you are, are you bringing the garelli? I'd like to try it out if you are bringing it to see if i like it.

Re: canoe and outboard motor trade

I got 2 sets of rubber from a local shop he still has some first gear rubber's left but i got his last 2 second gears I sold 1 set to a guy on the fourms used the other set on this bike. Not going to the rally I travel for work and cant get of. I posted about the free bike you have wanting to see the pic's so if I were to get that I could bring the garrelli with me for you to check out. I posted a pic here of when I first got it.


Re: canoe and outboard motor trade

Hey rumler, i'll take the garelli if you are still offering, as long as it runs as you say. Gonna be in louisville anytime soon?

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