After a four year love affair, I am sadly ready to part with my beloved 1965 VeloSolex 3800. Frankly, I just need some cash.

$275 OBO cash pick-up, money order, or personal check

I will accept Paypal if you pay their stinky fee for me, or negotiate.

I will ship, if you pay shipping charges and coordinate with the carrier

In Austin, Texas

Gorgeous 1965 Solex Needs a Good Home and Your Sweet Francophile Lovin

She runs great, but needs a tune-up after hanging out in the garage all winter, especially needs new tires/tubes. I replaced the brake lever a few months ago, but she's been in the garage and may need a new plug.

I bought her from the original owner. I have a manual, but I did not register it.

More about her:

Made in France

Original frame, original black paint with gold pin stripes

Awesome old school Euro Start/Depart switch (pedal start the engine and then drop it on the front wheel)

Rack on rear wheel

Saddle seat

17-20 mph

Please email me for more info or detail photos if you're interested.



By shipping, are you willing to pack it up or are you just talking about being there for some dude in a truck to come and pick it up? I'm interested here.

Re: Tr

Nice Solex. It is not a 1965 though. It is a model S 3800 which did not come out until 1966. Also, it has a twist-grip throttle which did not come out until 1968. This appears to be a 1971-74. With the seven-digit motor and/or frame serial number(s) I could provide a date of manufacture. A 1965 Solex would be a model S 3300 which would have a steel fuel tank, no stickers, smaller rear drum and exhaust, no twist-grip, white grips, and differently contoured brake levers.

A nice feature about this particular Solex is that it is set-up with a brake light that works off of the rear brake and has the rare MALY taillight setup, in apparently good condition.

Also, the proper way to start a Solex is not to get the bike going and then drop the motor. The proper way is to first lower the motor, then decompress the motor and either push or pedal it. Then let out the decompressor and it starts.

Sorry to be so picky.

Re: Tr

either way, its still a great deal

Re: Tr

Without a doubt...nice Solex...great deal.

Re: Tr

Thanks for the info, I only know what the guy told me who sold it, but he didn't know much (and was wrong). I am happy to pack it and ship it, but I don't have a truck and I work days far away, so it would be helpful if you can coordinate with me and the carrier.

Thanks again, Brian! I do start it as you said, I am just bad at describing the process. Let me get the VIN for you so we can give a proper year estimate:

The bike says 14.3.1966 which I believe means March 14, 1966.

The serial/vin number is: 5273182

Fabrique en France, bien s

Re: Tr

I'm willing to pack it if you can coordinate with the carrier to come pick it up and ship it to you.

I can break it down and wrap/box it, if you'll pay for the materials and the shipping. I can't front that at this point, but if you are interested, send me your info and I will ask the carrier for a quote.

Re: Tr

OK, I'm in. Let's do this.

I'll email you concerning payment info and packing info.

Re: Tr

Thanks for the motor number, Nicole. It is from 1971. As you can see, the 14-3-1966 date is _cast_ into the motor, not stamped. This same date is cast into every Cyclomoteur 3800 and is the cause of many people improperly determining the date of manufacture of their Solex. This March 14th, 1966 date is actually the date of homologation (approval) of the Cyclomoteur 3800 type. Sales of the model S 3800 began two months later in May of 1966. Cyclomoteur 3800 motors were used not only on the S 3800, but also on the 4600, 5000 and Micron.

Protect that MALY taillight as best as you can, and that goes for whomever buys it from you. They are nearly impossible to find.

Solexement, Brian

Re: Tr

Professor Creepy /

Brian, you're a total level 43 Solexinator.

Re: Tr

Thanks, I will send you my info and more details now.

Re: Tr

I hope that's a good thing, Tony!

Re: Tr

brystheguy are you starting a new life on your Velosolex

Re: Tr

Re: Tr

A new life? Why would I want to do that? I love my life as it is! I hope I can look as dapper as the fellow pictured though. For some reason, I don't think I'll be able to pull it off.

Re: Tr

I should have said a new vocation,the happy man is a cure,a priest.

Anyway good luck with the solex. I worked on one of these when I was 12 it was my first project.

Re: Tr

did this get sold...if not, I'm in Austin and would be interested.

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