WTB: Jawa parts

Hey, I was fixing up my moped this weekend, and realized i need some parts. namely, for a jawa 207, the throttle cable is going to be the biggest problem for me.

shoot me an email if you have one lying around or any other random jawa parts.



Re: WTB: Jawa parts

on ebay there is a 1981 Jawa x25 moped $4.99 opening bid in youngstown, ohio. you can make a throttle cable if you can cut cable, tie knots, have a grinder or a an electric can opener with a knife sharpener in the back you can make a throttle cable. i f you are close to this buy it and keep the throttle cable and sell me the engine with the carb.

Re: WTB: Jawa parts

dude he is in minnesota, click on his username

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