Tomos parts FS

i have a bunch of parts i HAVE to get rid of before i leave. The dad is being deployed to Kyrgyzstan for a few months so it looks like i will need a couple extra bucks for when i am traveling around alaska.

Luggage rack

Head and Tail lights

blue Tomos LX frame and gas tank(with tittle)

1991 targa frame(no tittle)

handle bars

signal lights(rectangle)


break levers

Tomos mag rims(with breaks,tires,tubes,and speedodrive)

pet cock

2.1/4x 16 tires (3)

front and rear fenders

side covers

CDI coil

black trunk with mount

A3 head

2 tomos seats

Old School Bobber Chopper Hardtail Sissy Bar

and many more. ask me what you need or make some offers

any one who wants pictures please feel free to email me at

Re: Tomos parts FS

any performace parts?

Re: Tomos parts FS

no sorry.

also have A35 stock exhaust

Re: Tomos parts FS

Can i get a pic of the trunk and the sissy bar and the mag rims sent to

Re: Tomos parts FS

pictures sent

Re: Tomos parts FS


Re: Tomos parts FS

do you have a picture of the lx frame?

Re: Tomos parts FS

how much for the blue frame again? i forgot


Re: Tomos parts FS

here is one picture. i will gget another one soon. make a resonable offer.


Re: Tomos parts FS

the front fender is sold btw

Re: Tomos parts FS

Ryan, I tried emailing you about the sissy bar.I'd like a picture if you wouldn't mind.How much?. My email bounced back to me. email me at:

Re: Tomos parts FS

i sent you a email a few min ago with a picture and more information on the sisy bar.

Re: Tomos parts FS

Am I ever going to get my coil? Its been like 3 weeks.

Re: Tomos parts FS

Locking gas cap? Tomos Bullet/Targa/Sprint

I asked you earlier and you never responded. How about a money order for $8 including shipping?

Sound good? If so please email me your address for a postal money order.



Re: Tomos parts FS

i sent it out 2 and a half weeks ago. shto have been there by now. if its not there tomarro ill send out another one tomarro.

Re: Tomos parts FS


taking any reasonable offers.

Re: Tomos parts FS

Locking gas cap?

I made an offer, you haven't responded in either topic.

Should I email you?

I really want a locking one.


Re: Tomos parts FS

hey chris.,

sorry i have been selling things left and right , and havent check the this post for a day or so. how about 10 shipped for the lockign gas cap it has 2 keys if you woudl liek a picture i would be more then happy to post one.

Re: Tomos parts FS

Hello, Ryan.

I'm trying to buy a cheap working

Tomos oil pump, either a replacement Mikuni or

a Dellorto Tomos oil pump. (I think either will work in my 1992 Tomos Targa LX moped.) I'm also trying to buy a cheap Tomos replacement rear light assembly, or a least a oompatable red headlight lens cover.

Also, how much extra for a

A Tomos speedo cable?

An easily moving rear brake cable?

A Tomos front fender?


- Ed 301-779-9769

Re: Tomos parts FS

Hey Ryan, what's left? If you wouldn't mind, I'm sure it would help you and everyone if you slapped together a list of the stuff you still have available.

Re: Tomos parts FS

hey do you still have the CDI?

Like the one in this picture:

if so please let me know how much, thanks

Re: Tomos parts FS

this is what i have(photo)


Re: Tomos parts FS

Did you sell the trunk? Please let me know.

Re: Tomos parts FS

no the trunk is still forsale. i baught it for 55 so i woudl like to get at 25 + shippin got of it.

Re: Tomos parts FS

email sent to you

Re: Tomos parts FS

cool, all I need is the coil

(i think the square piece is a voltage regulator or the turn signal regulator.)

does $15 plus shipping sound ok?

Re: Tomos parts FS

sounds good email me for the address shipping ect..ect..

Re: Tomos parts FS

hey i need a right cranking arm and pedal, right hand brake lever, and screw and gaskets to biturbo exhaust

Re: Tomos parts FS

ᴛᴇʀʀʏ ᴅᴇᴀɴ /

what do you want for the rear wheel and components?

Re: Tomos parts FS

sorry sold wheels. do have tires tho.

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