WTB Motobecane Long seat

I need it for my newer ped. Please send some pics

Re: WTB Motobecane Long seat

No rips and rot preferably ,I have one that's not to sound and I'd rather get a better one. It's for the blue one

Re: WTB Motobecane Long seat

Its hard to find a perfect one I have 2 in the garage, but they both have little splits and stuff just because of the age......I used CA adhesive and flashed the little tears and stuff so they wouldnt get any worse.... I have kinda been hanging on to them till I decide what im going to do with my mobys, but Ill probly keep 1 and part the other out....

Re: WTB Motobecane Long seat

The underbelly on mine is all spit and rusted,I don't think it is safe, The vinyl can always get taped over.

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