2 Nice Puch Maxis FS in E TN Both for 700.00

Robert Gosnell /

Hi,i have 2 nice mopeds for sale.The first is a 76 2hp Maxi L.It is in excellent condition.The paint is a dark chocolate with pin striping.This is factory paint with pin striping.The only negative to this bike is that handlebars have pitting to them.Handlebars can be easily found on ebay.I was going to take a scotch bright to the them and buff the bars on my grinder.It runs great This is a really nice moped.Ive never seen another one like.It is 30 years old and everything is original.The side covers are not pictured on it.I ahve them.The bike has the litltle decals still on it like fuel valve and the choke sticker.It is really nice.The other moped is a 1989 Puch maxi.I built this bike myself about 2 weeks ago.I ported the heads.It has a new piston,rings and clyinder.The bike will fly.It is silver in color.It is in pretty good shape.I want to sell these PREFERABLY in a package deal for 700.00 for both.Im in east TN in Afton 37616.I have no truck to haul the bikes.If you are interested in wanting to look at them,just email.If you want to ship them,i dont have a problem with that.I will help load the bikes but i will not take them apart and send them in 30 boxes through UPS.CASH ONLY

Re: 2 Nice Puch Maxis FS in E TN Both for 700.00


Do you have pictures you can send me?

Re: 2 Nice Puch Maxis FS in E TN Both for 700.00

are these still for sale? i am looking to buy two mopeds. please email me back with response. they sound nice nad i would like to take a look at them. if possible could you send me a picture of them? thank you

i wanna get your mopeds on friday

General Jackson /

hello friend. me and my buddy adam would like to obtain your mopeds this saturday or sunday.

they sound awesome i'd like to see pictures but it doesn't really matter if they are in good working order like you say, i can fix up the handle bars just fine.

my phone number is 202-236-4487.

please let me know if this weekend is fine for you.



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