WTB a Puch Newport muffler baffle.

Motobecane Master /

I need just the baffle, if anyone has a spare. I had an unfortunate melting incident last summer, before I realized that those things apparently aren't made of steel. Name your price.

Re: WTB a Puch Newport muffler baffle.

i looked in the 1979 puch parts book and all US Puch mopeds other than Magnum series used one baffle so it looks like a Newport is no difference than a Maxi far as baffles. i think i have a used Puch baffle without the end pipe and without the asbestos rope, for $29 shipped or will trade.i will look for it if you are interested.

Re: WTB a Puch Newport muffler baffle.

I got one. Very good condition, $25.00 shipped.

Please email me.

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