V1980 Vespa Grande For Sale

Charles Charles /

1980 Vespa Grande moped.

It is currently listed for sale on eBay: Item # 130093553573.

After 15 years in a garage, it was recently tuned up and I've been using it around Manhattan.

Everything is in full working order.

This moped is designed to carry two people.

The condition is good overall. There are two small tears on the seat.

Buyer must pick it up in New York City.



Re: 1980 Vespa Grande For Sale

Charles Charles /

I forgot to mention - my Grande also has what I believe is the original luggage rack. See picture.

Disregard the "V" before the 1980 n the original post. That's a typo.

Re: 1980 Vespa Grande For Sale

how much are you asking?


Re: 1980 Vespa Grande For Sale

Charles Charles /

Hi Colin.

The current high bid on eBay is $450.00.

Item number: 130093553573

I'm showing it this weekend if you are around.


Re: 1980 Vespa Grande For Sale

I have the exact same model Vespa Grande. And, I happen to be travelling from Richmond to NYC this weekend with a van, And I might like to check it out, if still available.

Also, does anybody know what is the largest size carb that's available for the grande? I need a new carb for mine and I was looking at the Dellorto Spaco 13.13mm... Is that the best choice?

Re: 1980 Vespa Grande For Sale

Charles Charles /

Hi all,

I think I jumped the gun on my listing. I received a lot of interest from here, eBay and Craigslist but it seems I need to figure out a couple things before I part with this Grande:

1. I don't have a title and honestly, I don't think it has ever had one. It came from CA originally and I only registered it one time in MA in 1987 (I have the paper). I used plates from anther scooter to get around NYC.

Anyway, a lot of people have asked about this and I need to look into getting a registration or what it will take for the new owner to register it (sufficient Proof of Ownership).

Any thoughts on this appreciated.

2. I've also been out of town so I haven't been able to show it.

I'll make another post when I have this sorted out.


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