WTB tubes/tires MAXI

I need a set of tubes and tires for a maxi... both wheels. Anyone have a set or know where I could get one cheapish?

Re: WTB tubes/tires MAXI

Ive got some. What size rims? Do you want nice tires (sawas), or el cheapo (cheng shins)

Re: WTB tubes/tires MAXI

mmm shit... I figured maxi rims were all the same size... Shows what I know!

I'll check tomorrow and get back to you. Will it say on the rim? Or do I need to measure? If so, what measurements do I need to make?

Thanks... sorry I don't know simple things like this!


Re: WTB tubes/tires MAXI

i need some tires AND tubes for my puch


Re: WTB tubes/tires MAXI

jake...those sawas in good condition? what size?

Re: WTB tubes/tires MAXI

they have tires (michelin gazelles and cheng shins) at


you just need the tube and tire size, they UPS the product out same day

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