WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

I'm Looking for a new BiTurbo for Tomos. Who has the best price, And who can except paypal, or credit card?

I'm also willing to send a money order, but I need to receive the item first. I can't afford to have something go wrong, and not get it.

If it's of any consolation, you can check my Ebay feed back. It's 100 positive, and shows that I pay for the stuff that I order.

Ebay username: david_betourney

Just goto:

Home > Community > Feedback Forum

On Ebay.

Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

i have one but it need alot of cleaning up.


Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

That thing is past cleaning up

Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

haha yea. it came off my 95 lx. i never didnt see how bad of shape it was in untill i took it off. it worked fine tho. just looks ugly as sin

Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

How much you want for the expansion section? I have zero interest in the header.

Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

I have one on my A3 which I am thinking of selling as I want to buy a Techno

Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

Dan: Let me know. If it's in decent shape, I'll buy it.

Ryan: I'd be willing you give you a few dollars for the header. I have no interest in the rest of the pipe... it's too far gone.

Re: WTB: BiTurbo (tomos)

go to 1977 mopeds and get the right one; for the tomos; i purchased 8 of them from 67.00 to 83.00 and they do fit good. and have warranty.

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