WTB - Suzuki FA50

Hey how's it going. This is my first post on this board. I have a 1984 Suzuki FA50 that I picked up a few years. I've been looking for another one or two ever since. So if you have one or two for sale let me know. I'm located in Pittsburgh, PA. You can contact me through email or aim...


retropgh - aim

Re: WTB - Suzuki FA50

Hey Matt

I have a few to sell the end of April

I live in NH. Do you have a way to transport?

Re: WTB - Suzuki FA50

I might, depends on price and your exact location or if you wanted to meet somewhere. What's your zip and a ballpark on the price? Do they run?

Re: WTB - Suzuki FA50

I'm looking for a fa50 with a title. In PA you need a title, plate, insurance to ride the fa50's. Thanks.

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