need puch engine,,,,,,

i'm buying the parts to build a puch from scratch,,,,,,,the main part i need is a engine.

Any help would be appreciated.

i would like a two speed, no carb is fine but it does need to have an intake, also i would like a manual not an auto, however i would take an auto if i have to.

the engine doesn't have to be in perfect shape, just as long as it is repairable.

thanks guys. oh and cheap is good, i still have to pay for the parts i'm getting, so it might be a week or so before i have the money to buy.


Re: need puch engine,,,,,,


Re: need puch engine,,,,,,

i think i saw one on ebay...but it may have been, but check .com anyway

Re: need puch engine,,,,,,

thanks, i'll check


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