WTB: 16" Rear Wheel


I need a 16" spoked rear wheel with a freewheel. Like from a Batavus or Jawa.

Mine's irreparably fucked.

Love, Eric Sabatino

Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

is the freestyle gear stripped or something, because i have the gears and hubs,,,,,,,they are replacable,,,,,,,,if necessary i can repair it if you want to ship,,,,i'll charge 15 dollars for parts and labor,,,,,,i also have rims [ no spokes and hubs ] out back if it just bent,,, i think i have that size out back,,,,i'll check tomorrow.


Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

Hey lover,

Will you be needing this pre-rubber easter?

Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

I will be needing this pre-rubber easter, yes.

The bearings cup on one side is chewed up to hell, because I somehow put it together with one missing bearing. The spokes are bent, the brake drum is warped a little, and the rim is bent...

so it's totally fucked over and I need a new one.

Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

I may have one. I will check and get back to you.


Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

Sorry, I only have 17" at this time.

Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

okey dokey

Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

Ill take some photos homeboy. I'll send em your way.

Re: WTB: 16" Rear Wheel

Mr. Brennan O, My love for you runs "deep."

Wanna talk on the phone about wheels tonight?

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