vespa 16 inch tire

it looks like my moped will be down for more then 2 weeks as im waiting for a rear tire anyone have a used pirelli with a good bead to tide me over

Re: vespa 16 inch tire

dude, any good powersports store will sell you those. i have two withing 10 minutes of my house that sell moped tires. when i cant wait for tires to show up, i just throw a bmx bike tire (they are the same size) and try to keep it under 20.


Re: vespa 16 inch tire

The only tires I know of that fit the Vespa Grande rear tire are made in India, and I don't remember where. However, if you just go looking for a 16 by 2.75 inch tire by doing some google searches, I'm sure you'll come up with something.

Re: vespa 16 inch tire

This is just the first one that came up, and it looks like a good deal...but you'll want to read it to make sure it's what you want. I just skimmed the top of the page.

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